About Us

Zaid Salem aka Abu Raji – Owner and tour guide

I am Zaid Salem, recognized as Abu Raji within Wadi Rum village. The desert has been my lifelong companion, shaping my identity as a Bedouin. Here, I manage a desert camp and lead 4×4 jeep tours, roles that tie me closely to the rugged terrain. The desert’s silent beauty resonates with me; it’s a place of quiet reflection and unwavering stability. Over the years, I’ve become intimately acquainted with the land’s nuances and its tranquil rhythm. The sands hold the stories of generations, including my own. I invite you to share in the authentic stillness and unadorned reality of Wadi Rum, as seen through my eyes and experienced in the context of my daily life. I love telling stories about the Bedouin lifestyle. I am dedicated to providing visitors with an unforgettable experience in the Wadi Rum desert to discover all its beauties.

Simone – Consultant

I am Simone, originally from Florence, Italy. One of my greatest passions is traveling, which has led me to explore various corners of the globe. During my travels, I embarked on a volunteer mission to Wadi Rum, where I had the privilege of meeting Abu Raji. Our connection deepened into a friendship, and I now collaborate with him as a consultant. In my role, I handle customer relations and oversee property management operations. Being a native Italian speaker, I also facilitate communication with Italian-speaking clients. My journey from Florence to Wadi Rum has opened doors to diverse experiences, relationships, and professional opportunities in the field of hospitality.